The day started with genuine curiosity as to whether or not the dolphin trip today would actually be able to go.  It was a nearly full group of passengers, but no fuel for the boat.  Luckily, another boat operator had full tanks, so Bimini Undersea was able to charter him & his boat (  So, it was out to sea on a new vessel.  The dolphin sightings began with a very brief bottlenose “swim-by” before coming up on the mother-load of spotted juveniles & calves.  We had a fantastic 30+ minute swim with Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Tim (#69), Nemo (#76) and un-named #78 & 87.  They were very feisty, but it all seemed in good, juvenile fun, not aggression.  After they had enough, it was back on the boat for a slow cruise home.  On the way, we were able to observe a group of mothers & calves (including White Blotch’s (#29) calf, nicknamed, “Lil’ Dot”).  They were on the move & it was getting late, so we watched them for a bit before saying goodnight.    Now the big question:  Will the fuel boats arrive in time for tomorrow’s dolphin trip?    Placing bets,  Kel