Finn, Romeo

Happy summer solstice everyone!  Since I’m a resident of Alaska now, I kept picturing the longest day of the year up here…Here in Bimini the sun rose at 626 and set at 2011 today.  A great summer day, but nothing compared to those northern latitudes.    Today’s trip was a bit rougher than expected, but our patience paid off as the dolphins approached the boat at approximately 1930.  It was Finn (#09) and Romeo (#10) doing quite a bit of swell surfing.  Since light was fading, we hopped in the water.  For the first few minutes it was just Finn & Romeo, but soon several more adults (including Juliette #12) came cruising through.  These adults were actually quite interested in the swimmers and the MVA.  Most noteworthy though, was the way multiple adults (sometimes together and sometimes individually) were hanging vertically in the middle of the water column.  There were no whistles, no bubbles, no pectoral fin flares, just hanging.  I’ve seen that type of thing before, but not by so many animals.  We were in the water for 12 minutes before the captain called us back to the boat because our workable daylight was gone.     Another trip tomorrow,  Kel