Some time to relax

Well, our hopes for a walk-in dolphin trip for Saturday were not met.  But, on Friday, Maria was able to join one of Bimini Undersea’s snorkel trips and see some of Bimini’s ocean life beyond the dolphins.  Kel spent the day attempting to sort out our phone hook-up (or lack thereof).  Simple tasks like this usually work on island time as well!  Then, we had dinner with some of the dolphin week passengers and will be sad to see them go!      Saturday was a relaxing day, with a Bimini Undersea-family gathering in the evening.  Today, we tackled quite a bit of data.  Maria continued to enter our data sheets from the week’s boat trips and we logged video from May, noting each individual dolphin that is in a given frame.  This is the work that no one shows you on the nature channel specials!    Tomorrow we will continue to pursue the phone installation before our phone link with the aquarium & a visit to one of the local schools!    Until then,  Kel & Maria