Another spot-less day

Trip #2 has left me 0 for 2 in regard to spotted, but 2 for 2 with bottlenose.  Today’s group of bottlenose was five strong, including two fairly small calves.  I took over 130 digital photographs from the boat, so hopefully at least a few will be useful!!    Tomorrow I’ll go through photographs, catch up on these field reports & some other “office-type” things.  We’ll likely take a couple of days break & head out in search of dolphins next week.  Because tourism is so slow at the moment, I’m using funds from a grant I received through APU to cover the cost of boat time.  This is opposed to the summer, when DCP researchers are able to join existing boat trips for no cost.  So, I won’t be able to spend as much time on the water as during the summer…but some time is better than none!  But, the island & the water is beautiful, so if any of you are interesting in a short-notice weekend getaway- come to Bimini!! 😉    Until next time,  Kel