A broken hose, late re-start and rough seas

Today was a bit unusual!  We headed out shortly after 1500 and stopped at the “Bimini Road” (aka Atlantis) snorkel site.  Once we stopped, it clear there was an engine issue.  The fresh water hose was busted.  It was so busted that rescue tape could not even handle it.  So it was back to the dock around 1700.  I thought that would be it for the day, but the passengers still wanted to head out.  So, we tried again shortly before 1800.  By this time the wind had picked up so it made for a messy ride.  We didn’t really enjoy the seas, but the dolphins did!  It was a surfing extravaganza!  There were about twenty dolphins, including at least 6 calves.  One of the calves was very small, certainly less than three months old.  The only other two that I could positively ID were Tina (#14) and unnamed #25; the waves were so big it was hard to see any spots!    So, it was back to the dock just before 2100.  It was a long day & tomorrow’s forecast looks even worse.  We’ll see what happens…    Until tomorrow,  Kel