No Saturday Trip

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms reading this!  Yesterday the weather was still rough, so it was an inside day.  Today however was a new group of passengers and a very busy day in the water.  We first saw the spotteds at 1716 and saw them continuously until 1911.  In the group were Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), White Blotch (#29) & calf, Tim (#69), Nemo (#79), Leslie (#80) and unnamed female calf #87 and juvenile male #78.  We also saw the same adult who was observed last week with a serious dorsal fin injury. This animal will be fine, and the injury is healing well, but she only has about half of her dorsal fin remaining.  I’ll need to wait until I can video or photograph her to see if she is already in our photo-ID catalog, or if she is a “new” animal.    The forecast for the rest of the week is less than ideal.  I keep you updated on how it goes!    Until then,  Kel