A new group

Yesterday was spent doing to tedious things like apartment hunting.  Today was much more exciting as a new group of passengers arrived.  We have folks from all over the world again!  The “meet & greet” was at 1400, followed by a 1500 boat departure.  The passengers had a nice snorkel at the area of the “Bimini Road” where all the fish are, while the new videographer & I went over some basic water rescue skills with the Bimini Undersea captain.  Always good tips to know when one is regularly in the water with passengers who may or may not be super comfortable in the water.    Then it was to the dolphins – and man, did they wear me out!  There was a core group of about 6 animals including Leslie (#80), Swoosh (#36), Lil’ Jess (#35), Tina (#14).  I think Tim (#69) and possibly Cleo (#41) were there too, but I’ll need to review video & still photos to be sure.  We swam until the sun began to set & the boat crew called us in.  It was a cold ride home, but it was worth it!    Unfortunately, there is a small leak in the MVA2.  So, I’ll spend the next few days repairing & water testing that.  The weather is forecasted to be rough tomorrow, so that should give extra time to attend to the array.    Until next time,  Kel