Well folks, today makes this experimental winter season worth it!  It was a great day.  Just like the other three trips, the day started with bottlenose dolphins & I was able to get some good dorsal fin photographs for identification purposes.  Then we saw more bottlenose, but this small group was more evasive.  Then came the spotteds!  It was a group of mothers & calves.  And we were able to get in the water.  They were very curious & the water clarity was okay considering how much wind there has been lately.  As I was recording this group of mothers & calves (with a few juveniles thrown in for good measure, including Romeo (#10)), I hear the captain of the boat calling my name:  “Kel, Kel, swim to the other side of the boat!  The bottlenose & the spotteds are together!”  Of course I swam to check it out – and there they were (including Billy (#64))!  And they were feisty!  They were so active however, that it made recording focal follows near impossible.  Even so, I think I got some good video for my thesis.  I am a happy dolphin researcher.    Until next time,  Kel