A slightly quieter dolphin trip

Today’s trip departed the dock at 15:48.  We first saw dolphins again in slightly deeper water than usual.  We had three water entries, but the dolphins were moving so quickly that the only positive IDs I have (before reviewing the video) are Niecey (#48) and un-named #43.  I’m also pretty sure that Cerra (#38) was there, but I’ll have to confirm that with video clips.  While we were swimming in about 75 feet of water, there was a school (several dozen) of a fish I did not recognize.  They were too big for the dolphins to eat, but it was interesting to watch the dolphins swim through the group.  A bottlenose even came in for a brief look.  It will definitely be cool video to review later in the week.    The weather forecast for the next couple of days is windy, so I’m not sure I’ll be on the boat.  That will mean lots of video time before a new “dolphin week” begins on Sunday.    Until next time,  Kel