Back to Bimini

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I do a reasonable amount of flying each year & am a pretty comfortable airline passenger.  While I never felt that my life was in danger, I can safely say that my flight to Nassau was the worst weather I have ever flown through.  Through the pouring rain & consistent lightning, the pilot announced, about 5 minutes outside of Nassau, that it was possible the airport would be closed by the time we made our approach.  If this were to occur, we would have to land in San Andros….Luckily, none of this came to pass & I landed safely in Nassau; even with all of my luggage!    After that flight, my time in Nassau was productive & exhausting.  You can catch all the details in the Dolphin Encounters/Nassau section of DCP’s field reports.    I arrived back on Bimini yesterday- organized things for the final dolphin week & then took the time to enjoy some down time with friends.  Tomorrow, a new set of guests arrive & final efforts at data collection begin!    Until then,  Kel