Ernesto who?

Well, for those storm chasers out there, I’m sorry to report that Tropical Storm-would-be-Hurricane Ernesto didn’t bring much of a bang.  With the boats safe in the mangroves we sat nice & cozy while Ernesto passed by.  There were some good gusts here & there and some decent rain bands, but really, it was just a day long storm.  Which means that everyone who has been through a hurricane before was quite pleased.  If only disappointed that the weather was lousy & visibility will be bad for the next week.      Today began with the Wednesday phone link to the aquarium & was followed by completing the video log for Tape 9.  I’m a bit farther behind on video logging than I’d like, but some of the tapes have been really challenging in terms of identifying individual dolphins.  But, there’s nothing like a challenge!    Video logging was cut short by the need to begin the packing process.  Although the Bimini field season goes until 15 Sept, I am taking a short hiatus & heading over to Nassau to assist with the data collection at Dolphin Encounters.  I was here briefly for a preliminary data session back in 2004 with other DCP researchers so it will be nice to return.  Although I can’t help but feel like I am cheating on Bimini & the Bimini dolphins…    Until tomorrow,  Kel