Spotteds & Bottlenose together again!

Today was a great day.  Except for the fact that Kel’s brother’s flight to the island was postponed until tomorrow morning…    Shortly after 17:00, we came upon a group of three spotted dolphins; Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80) and a temporarily recognizable calf.  Nemo did not stick around, but Leslie & the calf were joined by another young C3 & we were able to observe them in the water for quite some time.  And it doesn’t stop there!  Kel was ecstatic that this group of spotteds was joined by two bottlenose dolphins!  The two species had minimal interaction, but the young spotteds were inquisitive about their company.  It was surely great video & still photos!    Tomorrow Kel’s brother arrives & we’ll have the day off.  Saturday another trip!    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie