Dolphins, dolphins, everywhere!

Today laundry took a record long time.  The only redeeming part was that we were able to borrow a friend’s golf cart for the task.  We have no idea exactly where all of the laundry came from.  But, it is squeaky clean now!    The afternoon included a great talk with the passengers and then a very intriguing dolphin trip.  Dolphins were first sighted at 17:24 when one leapt out of the air.  We can’t be sure who it was because it was several hundred yards away, but once we got closer we knew Romeo (#10) was there.  Soon, we realized she was no where near alone.  There were, conservatively, 25 animals in a close group and they were engrossed in feeding.  It was an intense feeding display that we have not before seen in the shallows.  Normally, when we do see dolphins feeding in the shallows (where our boat goes), it is on a passing mackerel or two or perhaps a goby hiding in the sand.  This was clearly offshore feeding behavior.  We watched with great interest for quite some time as the boat drifted over the continental shelf & into deep water.  All we can tell you is that the water was greater than 300 feet because the boat’s depth gauge only goes that deep!  An hour later, the group had slowed down & appeared interested in a swim with humans.  So, into the deep water we went.  Visibility wasn’t great, so it was fascinating (in a creepy sort of way) when the dolphins would dive beyond our line of vision only to return from the depths….    And of course, for all of you adoptive parents out there, in addition to Romeo (#10), we saw White Blotch (#29) and her calf, Lil’ Jess (#35), Swoosh (#36), Tina (#14), Billy (#64), and Split Jaw (#22).  Unfortunately, we observed a new injury on Swoosh’s right side.  It is healing, but not pretty.  Hopefully we’ll see her again over the next few days & will be able to give you all an update.    Ok, enough from us.  Until next time,  Kel & Darcie