So, we’ve had a slower few days work-wise, but a busy few days socially.  Kel’s mom arrived safely on Thursday & the three of us participated in a mini walk-a-thon in memory of Julian Brown, a beloved native who passed away in the fire that brought The Compleat Angler to charred rubble.      Friday it was our phone call & a would-be presentation for this week’s charter guests.  The phone call was brief, but good, however our presentation was cancelled- and no one thought to tell us!  Needless to say a disappointment & mild frustration, but it didn’t ruin our day.    Today we had a nice final day with Mom.  She left the island on the afternoon flight.  We were bummed to see her go already, but it was great to see her for a few days!  This afternoon & early evening were spent catching up on computer data.      And guess what?  Tomorrow starts a new dolphin week!!  We’ll actually be out on the boat!      Trip 40, here we come!  -Kel & Darcie