Happy August Monday!

Today is the Bahamian holiday in celebration of the end of slavery here.  Technically referred to as “Emancipation Day,” today is better known as “August Monday.”  It’s August.  It’s Monday.  Those clever Bahamians 😉    At any rate, the holiday meant that no kids showed up for the second round of swim camp.  We’re not entirely sure what to expect in terms of turnout, but if July’s camp success is any gauge, we’ll be busy each morning this week teaching youngsters the finer points of ocean swimming.      And then the winds only picked up today, so our boat trip was cancelled yet again.  It has been frustrating not to be a part of this & next week’s charters, but we were consoled by single day trips that were scheduled.  Too bad Mother Nature had other plans.  But we did get our phone call & some video done, so it wasn’t a complete wash.      Until next time,  Kel & Darcie