Presentation, phone call & video

Although we should be accustomed to the fact that everything on Bimini takes longer than elsewhere, today proved it once again.  Our day began efficiently enough with an engaging presentation to this week’s charter group.  Although we are not present on the boat, we were happy to share our work & hear their experiences with the animals.  Immediately following this discussion, it was back home for our phone link with the aquarium – as usual, a great set of questions from the audience!    Next it was errands time.  Just the bank & grocery shopping.  4 hours, a crowded bank & 3 markets later, we were ready for some dolphin IDing & went over video until dinner time.  Then it was a nice fresh mozzarella salad & a tofu bolognaise of sorts with whole wheat pasta (mozzarella, tofu & pasta all imported from the states of course).  It was tasty.  And now we sit writing these updates & planning for the next week.  Did we mention that we can’t believe it is already August?    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie