Dolphin trip!

Today’s boat trip was a nice ride even with the unusually hazy sky.  We spent a great deal of the trip without dolphins in view, but then just around 19:00, an adult & calf came zipping to the boat!  They gave a great show of surfing in the stern wake, but did not appear to be slowing down for a swim.  We lost sight of them momentarily, but when we saw them again, they were being joined by a group of 6 class 4 & 5 animals (sub-adult & adult).  This group of dolphins was quite energetic & since the sunlight was fading, we decided to hop in for a quick swim.  We weren’t sure they would stick around, but they did for about 15 minutes.  However, by stick around, we mean zig-zag in & out of the human swimmers with crazed enthusiasm.  We’re not sure what had gotten into this group, but it was very interesting.  We’re pretty sure that Vincent (#11) & Cleopatra (#41) were there, but we’ll have to wait until we review still photos & video.    Unfortunately, there are no trips for the next couple of days.  Shall we place bets on how much video we get done?  Our vote is for lots & lots…    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie