What a first week!

Today was another productive day on the water with a group of spotteds and a quick appearance by at least one bottlenose.  We saw Juliette (#12), un-named #25, Lumpy (#17) and possibly Lone Star (#56).  There was typical mating behavior observed, with the adults fluke slapping, leaping, rubbing and generally swimming while clustered together.  We watched the group for just under an hour before heading back to the island. On the way back, we got quite a scare as a recreational boat approached us and informed us that there were 2 divers unaccounted for in the water.  The Bimini Undersea crew went into rescue mode as all of the passengers went to work by scanning the sea in hopes of finding the missing men.  Bimini Undersea took charge of the effort, making contact with the divers’ boat, initiating contact with folks on the island and beginning a focused search grid.  Luckily, we didn’t have to search for long before a call came over the radio that the divers had swum to shore and contacted local police.  Close call!  And is swum a word?  I always have a hard time with that one 😉    Tomorrow is a day off for the students and a day of catch up for me.  Another trip on Saturday!    Until then,  Kel