Odds & Ends, Meet & Greet, Dolphin Trip

This morning was filled with some random tasks that needed to get done like paying bills & cleaning the house.  Exciting, huh?  Don’t worry, this field report gets better…..    At 14:00 we all gathered for the week’s Meet & Greet.  We have a group of 4 passengers who will be with us all week & I’m sure they’ll be great fun.  Throughout the week we’ll also have additional day passengers.  The boat departed at 15:30 & the trip began with a snorkel stop at Rainbow Reef.  Next:  To the dolphin grounds!  Shortly after 18:00 we came upon one of the largest bottlenose groups for this area- at least 12 animals.  Now, that doesn’t rival pod sizes such as those of Hawaiian spinner dolphins, but around here, 12 bottlenose are quite a treat.  After observing the group for 20 minutes (and of course getting dorsal fin shots for individual ID), we decided to leave the group in search of spotteds.  Unfortunately the sunset arrived before the spotteds, but of course there is hope for tomorrow!    Once home, I was happy to see Darcie back, safe & sound.  Her fiancé is visiting for a bit & we are very happy to have him.  We spent his first night pretty low key & went to a friend’s to watch HBO’s Entourage, our new addiction 😉    Until next time,  Kel