Somewhat rough seas

Today’s seas were rougher than we like, but out to the dolphin grounds we went!  First, we stopped to snorkel at Rainbow Reef & our passengers did well in the water.  Then we all made guesses as to when the dolphins would be seen.  If we played by “Price Is Right” rules, I would have won (closest without going over!).  I guessed 18:18 & we saw the dolphins at 18:28.  It was a group of 3 animals- Lil’ Jess (#35), an adult & a young juvenile.  They weren’t interested in swimming, so we just observed for about 15 minutes and then moved on.  An hour later we saw a group of 4 spotteds, including White Blotch (#29) & her calf.  Our passengers attempted a swim, but the dolphins did not stay to play.  So, back to the dock we went!    Hopefully my stitches (from having 2 teeth removed) will fall out any day now, so that we do get a good encounter, I’ll be able to snorkel with the MVA!    Until then,  Kel