Happy Birthday Kel!

Today was a great 24th birthday for Kel.  The day began with our aquarium phone call, when the audience yelled a cheerful “Happy Birthday” over the phone.  Then it was to a friend’s for a girls afternoon.  We chatted, laughed, make a cake, had a drink and….Darcie painted Kel’s toes.  Only those of you who know Kel will find this noteworthy, but Kel has only had nail polish on one other time in the last 2+ years; and that was for a wedding.  She agreed if the nail polish would be accompanied by a relaxing pedicure.  Darcie happily complied.  😉    In the evening our Bimini family came over for pizza & fireworks.  We watched from the roof & we must have had the best view on the island.  It was very nice….    Tomorrow begins some off-island traveling, which is not the norm for mid-field season.  But, Kel has an agitated tooth that needs to be looked at, so she’ll head to Florida tomorrow (if she can manage to get a flight!).  Then on Friday, Darcie heads back to the northeast for a week filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties & a wedding.  There are no scheduled dolphin trips this week, so hopefully no research will be missed.    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie