A quick phone call then

Okay, so today’s field report is just from Kel.  This morning, Darcie & I did our phone call.  It was a quick one; apparently the audience was being shy.  After the call, we scooped up our things & headed to the dock for a day on a friend’s boat.  Little did I know that the group had been making plans behind my back….As we headed north, I was told we were just going to a favorite fishing spot & I thought nothing of it.  Then Darcie looked back at me & warned that I should not look at the GPS.  Now, why would you say that!?  Of course, I had to look…and it said we were going to Great Isaac!  Great Isaac is small, uninhabited island north of Bimini with an impressive lighthouse which is no longer manned.  But, it is a great place to explore.  I was so enthralled with the remnants of the times of lighthouses that I never even got in the water to snorkel.  There were a group of birds (which I do not know the name of) who had laid single eggs in the corners of the architectural remains.  Two had hatched & the young fluffy chicks were so intriguing!    It was a great day.  A great day with great friends.  One of the drawbacks to field work is that you are away from friends & family for extended periods of time.  And sometimes this includes times like your birthday- which, most people are accustomed to spending with said family & friends.  Well, Monday will be my fourth consecutive birthday with my Bimini family & I could not ask for a better group to be with!      A dolphin trip tomorrow, so until then,  Kel