Presentation is a no-go

We were scheduled to give our weekly DCP presentation today, but no one was interested.  That is always a bit disheartening, but we understand that this group of passengers has particularly demanding days, so we just chatted with folks on the boat.  The trip began with a snorkel stop at Atlantis & everyone was very happy to see that the seas were much calmer.  So, out to the dolphin grounds we went- and we were not disappointed!  We had a group of 16 spotteds, of which we knew 10 of them!  Split Jaw (#22), Finn (#09), Stefran (#82), Billy (#64) & #57 was there with her calf, #84, among others.  We were happy to see #84, who we saw earlier this week with a fresh, but shallow, large injury.  Today, the injury appeared to be healing & she was keeping up with everyone just fine.  We’ll update you again the next time we see her.    Until tomorrow,  Kel & Darcie