A busy day

Today was filled….the morning brought a test phone call with the aquarium for this summer’s “Dolphin Highlights” program.  For those of you who have been following since 2004, a film showcasing dolphin behavior & DCP’s research is shown in a small theatre at the aquarium.  As part of this program, there is a live phone link with us in Bimini!  Everything went well with today’s test & the program begins for real next Wednesday!    Next, we took the MVA to the beach.  Visibility was unusually (and scary) gross- the water was very milky.  We don’t know if this is solely based on natural currents & other factors or if it is a continued consequence of the large-scale development at the north of the island which has included grave mangrove destruction & dredging.  But, the MVA didn’t leak!   Out on the boat it goes.    This afternoon was trip #17 of the season.  The seas were exceptionally rough, so we did not stray very far from shore.  The trip began with a snorkel stop & ended with a snorkel stop in an attempt to keep guests engaged, safe, and not seasick.  Hopefully the seas will die down soon because we have another 9 trips in the next 7 days.      Until next time,  Kel & Darcie