Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

This morning was quiet & relaxing for Kath’s birthday.  This afternoon was stressful.  We went out on the boat and everything was going fairly normally.  Then we realized that water visibility was dropping & dropping quickly.  It almost looked as if there was some sort of algal bloom because the water was such a thick consistency and green color.  We therefore stayed closer to shore where it was more like watered down pea soup.  We found dolphins & hopped in the water, but couldn’t see a thing.  The one thing we did see however is something we NEVER wanted to see…water rushing into the MVA.  Doesn’t the MVA know the rule??  Water on the outside!  Water on the outside!  Kel raced back to the boat & we got the camera out as quickly as possible.  Then we removed the battery, the tape & the memory stick, opened up everything possible & sat in the wind & sun.  Needless to say, we are completely stressed out.  But, we quickly reminded ourselves that even if we have ruined this piece of equipment, no one got seriously hurt.  That provides a bit of perspective, but isn’t really making us feel much better right now.    Tomorrow we will try to figure out what went wrong.    Until then,  Kel & Darcie