A long, good day

was “Honeymoon Harbor” to see the stingrays.  There was good and “bad” on this excursion…Good:  We saw stingrays (and a friendly barracuda).  Visibility was amazing.   John got a few really nice shots.  The Bad:  We forgot to bring bait to feed the rays!!  So, they weren’t really interested in us- since we clearly had nothing to offer them.  Luckily, John is so laid back, he was happy just be there and get some beautiful shots.      After Honeymoon Harbor, we headed to the Sapona- Darcie & Kathy jumped off, while John filmed & I took photos.  The most challenging part was the climb!  Darcie put her muscles to use by climbing the steep, rusted path to the top.  There were two ropes to assist but the trick was figuring out how to use them without falling (as Kathy and Darcie both did on their first try… luckily they fell into the water-filled bulkhead below them). After the big jumps, John filmed in & around the wreck before we rushed back to the dock.    We had to be back because we had an afternoon dolphin trip.  John joined and we all had a great time.  We found dolphins shortly after 5- just two, but they were keen to swim.  One was Leslie (#080), a young juvenile and the other was an older calf.  It was unusual to spend over an hour with a calf without seeing mom, but because the animals can leave mom before developing spots, it’s possible that this was the case.  Either way, we got some video & stills & John got some great shots too.  By the time we all got back home, we were all ready for our Bimini Bread French toast dinner!    Until tomorrow,  Kel, Darcie & John