A golf cart tour ends with the unexpected

Not much about today went as expected, but it was still a great one.  We just did some odds & ends this morning then borrowed a friend’s golf cart to show John the rest of the island.  At the northern-most point, in the midst of a very large (and destructive) development, we got off the cart to wander for a minute while John filmed.  An hour later, we were feeling thirsty & crispy and headed home…but that hour was great!  What got our attention for so long?  Three least terns (small birds) and two nests!  One nest had two eggs and one had two young chicks!  Moms (and Dad?) were a bit stressed by our presence, so we tried to be as quiet & slow as possible.  John even got a shot of one bird (Dad?) bringing a small fish to mom, who then passed it along to the chicks!  It was amazing!!  The ride home included a few strong pushes from John since the electric golf cart was about to die 😉  We had hoped to have pizza for dinner, but our favorite spot wasn’t cooking.  So, it was a nice dinner together at the hotel overlooking the marina.  Very nice, even if it wasn’t what we’d been looking forward to all day.  And then another challenge- our friendly boat captain for tomorrow missed his flight back to the island, so we wait in suspense to see how tomorrow turns out.    Until then.  Kel & Darcie