A late appearance

Today Kathleen went over the development, purpose and assembly of the MVA.  It was a great chance for students to see the innovative use of materials to develop new tools for research.  In the afternoon, our trip began with a snorkel stop at the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis).  I’m not sure any of the students thought it was remains of Atlantis, but I think everyone enjoyed seeing one of the famed elements of Bimini history.    We saw a group of at least 7 bottlenose dolphins at 18:02.  They were sighted as they repeatedly leapt out of the water in the distance.  As we approached they rode the bow for a bit and we saw 2 calves in the group!  That was exciting, as we rarely see bottlenose calves.  We observed this group for 25 minutes before they went on their way.  Two separate spotted sightings followed, the third of which provided the students an opportunity to enter the water.   Between the two sightings, we saw Tina (#14), Lone Star (#56), Lil’ Jess (#35), Romeo (#10), the un-named calf #81 and possibly Cleopatra (#41).  No more video to analyze today, but I’m sure there will be more this week!    Until then,  Kel