Another gloomy day

Today started with a very lazy morning!  But, then we decided to brave the threatening weather.  We headed north to snorkel at Atlantis for John to get some shots.  He filmed us with the array and just checking out the site.  The sun never did come out, but the sea was much flatter, so it was a more pleasant ride back to the dock.  Then it was home before sunset and John made a fabulous dinner for us all!  A pretty good day- with one exception.  The first named storm of the season reared its ugly head early this morning.  Tropical Storm Alberto is in the southern Gulf of Mexico.  It shouldn’t be a real issue for us here on Bimini, however, it is large & slow enough to potentially ruin our weather for the rest of the week.  If the sun doesn’t decide to shine, John just may have to come back!    Until next time,  Kel, Darcie & John