A long day in the sun

So, despite our best efforts at reapplying sunblock, we are a bit toasty!  We haven’t quite built up our tans, so the 11 hours we spent in the sun today left us with a shocking resemblance to boiled New England lobsters.  Our morning brought us south of Bimini to go SCUBA diving.  Aren’t our lives great?  When we go to work, we’re free diving and on our days off, we’re SCUBA diving!  They were beautiful dives…a drift dive and then a dive known for its reef sharks.    Then it was a barely there lunch break and back on the boat for a dolphin trip.  It was a full boat and we think everyone had a great time.  We saw dolphins early (17:25).  It was a group of 4 mother/calf pairs and turned out to be one of the best swims ever!  We can’t wait to look at the video, but we were able to get the sex of a young calf (#81).  This is an animal we’ve seen quite regularly since last year, yet who until today would never let us get a glimpse of its belly!  Well everyone, #81 is a male!  Then we saw another group of 3 older animals, but only watched them from the boat for a bit.      We’re not sure when the next boat trip will be, but hopefully soon!    Until then,  Kel & Darcie