Oh, shocker, the schedule changed!

Well, just thought we’d let everyone know that there was no boat trip today.  So, we spent the morning going through bottlenose photos and logging video.  We officially have 4 bottlenose dolphins in our photo-ID catalog!  It is very exciting for us and we should increase this as the summer progresses because we are getting a new camera!!  Alaska Pacific University is sending us a digital still camera so that we can take photos of the bottlenose dorsal fins as they surface.  We can’t wait!    The morning’s video logging was exciting, but tedious.  We only got through about 3 minutes because some of the animals may be individuals that have not been seen since 2001!  That usually means it takes us a long time to match up the spot patterns because they have developed so many new ones.      Tomorrow is looking like a good, long day!  We’ll fill you soon!    Until then,  Kel & Darcie