Dolphins & Darcie!

Oh, today was a good day.  We had a good group of passengers and the boat was full.  We saw and swam with a bottlenose group around 17:00 and then headed in search of spotteds.  It wasn’t long before we found them.  Two mother-calf pairs.  One set was an unknown adult with a female calf.  The other was un-named #57 and presumably her female calf.  We are hopefully safely assuming this is her calf because of the close proximity of the two and the fact that last week we saw them together!  And this calf is the first new dolphin of the year to join the catalog!  #84, welcome to DCP’s world!  She has a “C” scar on the left side of her peduncle….proof of a nasty shark bite.  But, she looks like she’s healing well and we hope to see her again!  And get good video too!  I got a little bit today, but not too much.  Darcie and I will look at it in the coming weeks.    And that’s the other exciting news!  Darcie is here!!!  The dolphin team is complete and we are so happy to be working together again.  Now, if there could just be more boat trips…..    Until next time,  Kel & Darcie