Where are all the dolphin watchers?

Well, we thought for sure that since it is Memorial Day weekend, there would be a boat trip…but, even though every slip on the island has a pretty boat in place, no one seemed to want to go on a dolphin trip.  I don’t know why….don’t they know how much fun it is and how much I want to be collecting data!?    Tonight we are having a small bonfire on the beach and then going to “Big John’s,” the new hangout.  The grand opening is tonight, so there should be live music and a good crowd.  It will be bittersweet though, as it “replaces” the Angler.  For those who do not know, The Compleat Angler was the local hotspot.  With regular live, local music it was the spot where everyone, tourist & native alike, spent their evenings.  It held so much history, both in the form of stories told and photos on the wall.  Every spot on the wall was filled with fishing photos and island memorabilia.  And one room was devoted to Ernest Hemingway….It was the Hemingway museum.  You could go into the Angler for a Bahama Mama and get the history of the island through pictures.  It was amazing.  Sadly, the Angler burned down in January, taking the life of one its caretakers and great dancers with it.  Both are missed.  And although Big John’s will never replace the Angler, it looks like it will do a good job of filling the void.  And hopefully, provide a fun place not only for us to hang out, but also a place to keep tourists happy and returning.    Tomorrow there is a dolphin trip and more exciting, Darcie arrives!    Until then,  Kel