No aquarium phone call

Ah, aquarium life.  Ah, island life.  Sometimes you have a plan for the day and sometimes none of that happens!  Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is getting ready to restart their dolphin program, which is set to include a phone link with us in Bimini.  Today was meant to be the practice run, but it got postponed.  And then it was a gloomy day here, so the dolphin trip was postponed as well.  I tried to get a few odds & ends done and then staff, family & friends of Bimini Undersea came over for a little rainy afternoon get together.  As always, great fun!  This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and although that doesn’t exist in the Bahamas, it is usually a busy weekend for tourists.  Hopefully we’ll have some walk-ins for a dolphin trip or two.   But, maybe no dolphin trips will be a blessing in disguise, since I seem to have acquired an ear infection in my left ear!  I have officially crammed in all of my sickness this month, so it should be (better be!) a healthy rest of the season.    Itching to be on the boat,  Kel