Some quiet days

Sunday’s afternoon kayak trip through the mangroves of east Bimini was a fabulous.  Even though I managed to fall off my kayak twice- in a row.  Now, keep in mind that these are sit-on-top ocean kayaks…they are designed for dummies.  And this dummy tipped over twice.  Good thing I know myself well enough to have tied down all of my things so they didn’t get lost in the mangrove muck.  Eh, it was a good laugh at the very least.    Monday morning was business-y and the afternoon was a fun boat trip north.  It is a perfect system, we keep a friend company while he goes spear fishing, and he shares the fish.  On the way back to Bimini, we saw a small group of spotteds and hopped in for a quick look.  They didn’t stick around long, but we did see #57, who has a big hook-shape out of its dorsal fin.  This is an animal that we see from the surface sometimes, but not often under water.  The evening included hogfish quesadillas and the Yankee/Red Sox game….good thing Kath & I can put our rivalry behind us when the game is over 😉    And then today- consumed by laundry.  It feels good once it is done, but it tends to become an all-afternoon affair.  Tonight is an American Idol party at a friend’s house.  Should be most of the Bimini Undersea “family.”  Tomorrow is our first school visit!    Until then,  Kel