Ah, air travel

Sorry about the delay everyone!  It was quite an adventure getting back here & then being able to settle in.  Delta decided to make an itinerary change & not inform me…Which wouldn’t have been the end of the world, except that my new flight was scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City AFTER my connecting flight took off!  They quickly saw that this was not going to work & although they were very gracious in booking my new flights first class, it wasn’t until the following day.  So, I waited in Ft. Lauderdale (there are worse places) and arrived in Anchorage, Alaska at about 1 a.m. on Sunday- 41 hours after I left North Bimini!    Then it was a week before I was able to get into my new apartment, but I’m on the track to getting settled now.  Which means it’s time to finish data entry, video logs & all sorts of other fun stuff; oh, yea, and classes!      Until next year,  Kel