Last trip of the season

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve just returned from my last boat trip of 2006.  We ended on a nice round trip #55, our most trips in a single year thus far.  Sunset suddenly feels like an Alaskan winter, touching down at 19:23.  Because of this, it was off the dock at 15:39 and as we left the harbor a spotted eagle ray leapt out of the water, twice.  They are such beautiful creatures, definitely one of my favorites.  At 16:34 we came upon our first group of spotteds, including Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Split Jaw (#22), Billy (#64), and un-named #78 & 80.  We had a short encounter with the group and when we returned to the boat we realized that there were more dolphins around the boat.  We lost sight of the original group, but saw what may have Freckles (#15) and a calf.  Individual dolphins were in & out of view, including some from the original group & a young juvenile who may soon be added to our catalog!  Then, just to round off the day, we saw a quick glimpse of bottlenose on the way in…    Now it is some final packing & goodbyes as I leave the island early tomorrow morning.  I can’t believe I’ll be in Alaska tomorrow night!      Until then,  Kel