06:00 and I am awake.  Not because I can’t sleep.  Not because I had a bad dream.  Because there is water in the house!  And not because the roof is leaking.  And not because a pipe burst.  But because it is raining and the wind is blowing so hard from the west that it is forcing the water into the house at every corner of our west-facing windows and doors!  So, after every towel in the house was wedged into these corners, I was wide awake….    Later, when it became clear that we would not be having a boat trip today, I headed over to Big Game for the weekly DCP presentation to Bimini Undersea passengers.  They were a very interested group, so it made for a great discussion.  Cut short only because another storm came barreling through.  The passengers remained up beat, with the help of a little rum punch, and we’re all crossing our fingers for tomorrow!    Until then,  Kel