Grocery shopping, Rain and Movies

While we wait for Tropical Storm Arlene to go away!

    So, where did we leave off? Right, yesterday we did big grocery shopping in anticipation of propane for our stove. We bought staples such as ramen noodles, but also a few treats like Yoplait yogurt. Being here makes you appreciate how accessible fresh food is in the states! And, since grocery shopping here entails visiting no less than three markets, it took a good couple of hours to get things done. Luckily we went with Kathy DeStefano and our neighbor Leslie on a borrowed golf cart, so that sped things up and protected us from the rain.
    Nothing shy of staying in the house could protect us from today’s rain though. Arlene managed to drop torrential downpours over our little island for most of the day, so we all decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a girls movie day at Leslie’s house. It was a nice break from being on the boat and doing data and it helped pass the time during the storm. Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes for the seas to calm down. Sometimes the remnants of a tropical storm can last for days. Hopefully this one will be truly over sooner, rather than later. Especially because we have a boat trip tomorrow!

Until then,

Kel and Darcie