Rough Seas

Rough sea conditions made for an uneventful, rocky trip

    Apparently it is the rainy season—still. Today, Mother Nature made sure to remind us that she is in charge. With Tropical Storm Arlene no where near us (South of Cuba right now), she is still managing to cause a lot of cloud cover, rough seas, and sporadic rain showers/torrential downpours. But, it was safe enough for us to head out on the boat, so, that is what we did! But, with seas as rough as they were, it makes it very difficult to see any dolphins. Plus, it seems that when the dolphins have enough waves to play with, they don’t seem to come to the boat. Luckily, no one on board got too seasick, but we didn’t see any dolphins either-well, actually, we saw one bottlenose dolphin, who approached the boat, swam below, and disappeared. So, that leaves us 50/50 for seeing Atlantic spotteds this week. Hopefully next week’s weather and trips will be better than today.

Until then,
Kel and Darcie