A long day of diving

Drift dives and shark dives…

We spend most of our boat time north of Bimini, in the area where the dolphins are most regularly seen. Today however, we took a recreational trip south. There are several great dive sites here and it is worth the hour+ journey to reach them. The first site we attempted to dive had too strong of a current and is too small of an area to be done as a drift dive. So, we tried another, Victory Reef. This was done as a drift dive (Darcie’s first) and was fabulous! It is just a large wall of rock and coral (it reminds us of a rock climbing wall). Because the current is quite strong, you simple cruise past, at whatever depth you find to be most comfortable. We saw beautiful French angel fish, barracuda and a large grouper, among other things. Next, it was a site known as Bull Run. Here, live-aboard dive boats conduct shark feeds, so you are almost guaranteed to see some Caribbean reef sharks, or a black-tip reef shark. We did in fact see a few, which was great, but the site itself was really the highlight. It is a small site, in terms of area, but is amazing nonetheless. It feels like one huge coral head, with lots of fish and fun swim-throughs. It was great!
    So, after our tiring morning and afternoon, we snuck in a bit of data before spending time with Darcie’s parents, as they leave tomorrow. Dolphin trip tomorrow afternoon!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie