Diving and Dolphins

Equals a good day

This morning we went diving with Darcie’s parents. We dived at Little Caverns first, then Rockwell, two great sites. It was a nice, but tiring way to spend the morning before heading to work…
    It was another 15:30 departure day and we had our snorkel stop at Atlantis (aka The Bimini Road), a fun snorkel stop that gives passengers a chance to decide if the rock formation is remnants of Atlantis or another man-made artifact or simply a curious act of nature.
    Once in the dolphin grounds, the boat captain had a great sighting–a manta ray! No one on staff had ever seen a manta that far from shore before. It was very interesting and everyone got a nice, albeit quick, look at the giant creature.
    Oh, yea, then there were the dolphins…That is why we are here, right? We first sighted a group just before 19:00 and it included the mother/calf pair from yesterday, #29 (White Blotch) and presumably her calf (who is now affectionately called Little Dot) and an unknown Class 3. They hung out by the boat for about a half an hour, but were not interested in swimming with us. Then, on the way back to the dock, we came upon a group of about 15 bottlenose. A few of them even came to boat for a bow ride! It was a nice way to end the day and a great chance to show passengers the difference between the spotteds and the bottlenose.
    16:00 departure tomorrow…

Until then,
Kel and Darcie