Sunday Busy Sunday

The Blandings arrive safely and the boat trip is fabulous!

  Darcie was up at the crack of dawn today attempting to collect her parents, who, no doubt were wandering around wherever uniformed employees and officers were directing them. They did not get to experience a water landing on Chalk’s, which is disappointing, but we are glad that they are here safely–and have their luggage! Once they were checked into Big Game, we all joined the week’s group for the traditional “Meet and Greet.” This is a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and get acquainted with the plan for the week. Then it was a 15:30 departure…
    After our snorkel stop at 3 Sisters (where Darcie hit a nice patch of fire coral–ouch!), we headed out to the dolphin grounds. At 16:44 we saw a group of spotted dolphins with another boat, so we headed past. It wasn’t long before we had our own group–a group of 4. It appeared to be a mother and calf along with #76 (Nemo) and #80 (Leslie). The mother appeared quite old, with LOTS of spots and a very white rostrum. #80 was quite entertaining as she chased a poor needle fish while swimming belly-up at the surface! We were with this group until 19:11, during which time we were able to have 3 encounters. Great way to start the week!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie