Good and Bad

But no dolphins until Sunday

Let’s see…where to start. Yesterday began with data, emails and errands, was interrupted by 2 hours of rain, continued with a nice non-dolphin boat trip and ended with Darcie’s first night dive! Lobster season opened last Monday, 1 August. For those of you familiar with northern/New England lobsters, you would be confused by the creature with the same name here. Lobsters here do not have claws like their northern counterparts and have spiny bodies, making them difficult to handle, but giving them their name, spiny lobsters. It is legal to catch lobster, but only when free-diving; that is holding your breath, diving beneath the surface and spearing the animal with a Hawaiian sling and spear. It is illegal to spear-fish while on SCUBA and it is illegal to take females with eggs (bright orange eggs under tail). A friend caught us some lobster, which will become lobster salad for us to share with Darcie’s parents–who were scheduled to arrive today…
    So, this morning and afternoon were spent furiously apartment cleaning (hasn’t been this clean since move-in day), grocery shopping, lobster cooking and trying to get ahead on data. All was a success and we were ready for Mr. and Mrs. Blanding to step off the Chalk’s plane….
    But, this is Bimini, and Chalk’s is, well, Chalk’s. After a flat tire delay and then stormy weather state-side, the Blandings are spending the night in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel. We hope they arrive safely and quickly tomorrow morning!!!!

Until later,
Kel and Darcie