And we have liftoff!

But we didn’t get to see it…

This morning we, along with much of the US we’re sure, were attentive to the launch of NASA’s shuttle Discovery. After keeping an eye on CNN and “local” coverage (local meaning South Florida) of the launch, we headed to the beach just before liftoff. We have been told by others on the island that if visibility cooperates, the shuttle can actually be seen from the shores of Bimini. Today this was not the case. It was exciting nonetheless and we wish the crew a productive trip and a safe return.
    Then it was lunch with a friend, who has been on-island for the last six weeks and who will be leaving tomorrow. It was lovely! Then, time for the boat. No snorkel stop today, so we didn’t leave the dock until 16:31. We did however, have dolphins with us for nearly two hours. We tried to get in the water with them, but the group was not terribly interested in us, as they were traveling slowly. So, we decided to just watch them from the boat, traveling with the dolphins for as long as they would allow. Passengers were given the opportunity to be towed behind the boat, at about 2 knots, in hopes that they would get an underwater view of the dolphin group. It was successful and the passengers enjoyed the treat. Although we are onboard for research and educational purposes, we always hope that passengers have a fabulous experience. If there are no passengers, there are no boat trips for us!!!
    We were able to ID the following dolphins from the boat: #14 (Tina), #29 (White Blotch), #35 (Lil’ Jess), #36 (Swoosh), #64 (Prince William), and #81. There were several other adults and young juveniles in the group, which appeared to be mating as they traveled south at 2 knots. Youngsters also played with seaweed and one juvenile was even tossing a small fish in the air. It was a great trip and we hope for more of the same tomorrow!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie