The morning was domestic; the afternoon was filled with dolphins!

    Today was definitely a productive one! We spent the morning doing some much needed housework, which included washing all of our bathing suits in the tub. It was quite a sight! But, for the record, Darcie definitely gets the award for the most suits (and cute ones at that!). Then it was entering data sheets and catching up on emails and field reports.
    We were at the dock shortly after 15:00, for a 15:30 departure (which was actually, nearly on-time today!). We began the day with a snorkel stop at Atlantis, always a popular way to start the trip. After this, we saw dolphins at 17:18. This was a scattered group of spotteds, but we were eventually able to get in the water. Darcie recorded some great footage of the group and Kel got some good stills. The dolphins were in and out of our group, but everyone certainly got more than one good look. Those present included: #09 (Finn), #35 (Lil’ Jess), #56 (Lone Star), #76 (Nemo) and #80 (newly-named, Leslie). We were in and out of the water twice today and it was great! And then, we got a call from the island, urging us to get back to the dock as quickly as possible, since there was weather headed our way. Our crew did their best to get us back squall-free, but we wound up pretty well traveling with the small storm! But no worries, a little rain and wind never hurt us!
    Another trip tomorrow!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie