New Week, Regular Dolphins

Looks like it will be a good week…

    Today was Day 1 in a four day dolphin week. We welcomed our passengers, some of whom have been here before. They were very enthusiastic and we headed out shortly after 15:30. “Destiny,” our normal “dolphin boat,” is currently out of commission, so “Adventurer” is our vessel this week. Adventurer is normally used for Bimini Undersea’s SCUBA trips, but the dolphins don’t seem to mind the change. We saw spotted dolphins at 17:32 and were able to swim with them for a bit. Without having looked at video yet, we know the following dolphins were there: #25, #48 (Niecey), #64 (Prince William), and #77 (Dolphin Dandy). The total group size was upwards of 20, but most didn’t stick around for the encounter.
    Once this group left us, we continued on, hoping to find dolphins again before sunset. But, some rough weather was clearly on its way, so we headed back to the dock a bit early, returning at 19:47.
    Trips Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully the weather and the dolphins will cooperate!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie