Rough weather is a theme

But maybe tomorrow will be better!

   Since there was no trip yesterday, we spent part of the day catching up on video logs and data entry and the other part of the day out on a friend’s boat. It was a nice random trip out and provided some much needed relaxation. We didn’t record weather patterns or GPS points- we just chatted and enjoyed how beautiful Bimini is.
    Today we ran errands in the morning- going to the bank, paying the electric bill and updating the DCP display at the dive shop. Our electric bill was quite manageable, since we don’t use our central air conditioning–we just tough it out and live through the heat. If things get too hot, we go next door, where our neighbors keep their place about as cold as our refrigerator!
    Then this afternoon, we headed to the dock, looking forward to trip 26. But, once we arrived we realized that there was still substantial wind coming from the east. So, the crew and passengers decided that the trip would be postponed until tomorrow. Hope things calm down!

Until then,
Kel and Darcie