A day of surface observations

We saw dolphins today, but didn’t get in the water

Today was a nice trip with dolphins sighted at 17:57. This was a group of 6-7 animals, including 3 calves, who were moving too quickly for us to get in the water. They did show some interest in the boat though, so we were able to observe them from the boat for about 20 minutes. Niecey (#48) was there, which means Dandy (#77) may have been one of the three calves. Another calf, who may be entered into the catalog as #81, was present and is recognized because it is missing about half of the right side of its fluke. Also, Swoosh (#36) may have been there, but we didn’t see her ourselves. They headed away from us and we were not able to find them, or any other dolphins, for the rest of the day.
    Hurricane Dennis, although it does not look like a serious threat for Bimini, is going to make our weather messy for the next few days. Hopefully it will be gone by our next trip, Sunday.

Until then,
Kel and Darcie