Good Weather

Good trip to end the week

    Today was the last trip with this group of fabulous passengers! Thanks to them for such a great week–they were very interested in our work, respectful of the dolphins, and flexible and good spirited as related to the weather.
    Today we first sighted dolphins at 17:17 and last saw dolphins when we left them at 20:06. Those seen included #10 (Romeo), #11 (Vincent, named after Darcie’s late grandfather, who passed away two years ago today), #22 (Split Jaw), #78 and a new C2 with a curious scar above its pectoral fin. It was a great day to end the week. We made 3 water entries and recorded an entire 1 hour tape! So, data, data, data to do in the coming weeks.
    Tomorrow is an “off day” so it will include lots of errands and video logs.

Until later,
Kel and Darcie